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Rotterdam boasts more than 400 Life Sciences & Health companies and (healthcare) organisations. Did you know that we have a 10% market share of the Netherlands and are one of the leading Life Sciences & Health networks in the whole of the Netherlands?

The Life Sciences & Health sector is important to Rotterdam. For both our residents and our companies. But what do we mean by Life Sciences and Health? And what does the Rotterdam network look like? Learn more about this fascinating sector and the Rotterdam network LSH010.

Rotterdam, a healthy home base for 400+ Life Sciences & Health companies and organisations.

  • What is Life Sciences and Health?

    How can medication, technology and prevention make our lives even better? That question expresses the key principle of the LS&H sector. This makes Life Sciences & Health a very broad subject that encompasses a lot of issues.

    In order to prepare for a healthy future, we need smart solutions from companies, organisations and institutions. Professionals in this sector deal with a wide variety of topics. Biotech, pharma, medtech and eHealth are familiar themes to them. Whether you are working on the development of a new medicine. Or you have created a helpful program to enable elderly people to live independently for longer. Both these examples belong to the Life Sciences & Health sector. Data, robotics and home automation are a common thread running through all the innovations in this sector.

  • Life Sciences and Health in Rotterdam

    Rotterdam boasts more than 400 Life Sciences & Health companies and (healthcare) organisations. Did you know that we have a 10% market share of the Netherlands and are one of the leading Life Sciences & Health networks in the whole of the Netherlands?

    In addition to this group of companies and organisations that primarily focus on Life Sciences & Health, there is also, of course, a very large network of ICT organisations, employment consultants and, for example, design agencies that help shape and develop this sector. The Life Sciences & Health sector is not only one of the largest employers in the city, but also one of the most important economic sectors for the Rotterdam region.

    Strong sector in the Netherlands

    The Rotterdam Life Sciences & Health network is part of a broader network. The Life Sciences & Health sector is one of the nine top sectors in the Netherlands. The term ’top sector’ comes from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Netherlands is one of the world leaders in Life Sciences & Health. Life Sciences & Health earned the label of ’top sector’ due to its high labour productivity, export and R&D investments. If the Netherlands wants to maintain a top position, it is vital to continue developing the sector.

    Rotterdam has a strong position in the Dutch LS&H landscape. The Erasmus MC is one of the leading university medical centres in Europe. In addition to the Erasmus MC, Rotterdam’s medical sector includes high-quality entrepreneurial and research facilities such as the Rotterdam Science Tower with the Life Science & Health Hub, the LabHotel and the Zorgboulevard. The presence of these facilities makes Rotterdam an attractive city for companies.

    Within the wider region, Rotterdam forms part of the Medical Delta. A medical-technological collaboration between the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Erasmus MC, Leiden University, TU Delft and Leiden University Medical Centre. It is augmented by local authorities, science parks and about 150 companies. The Medical Delta is the largest cluster of life science companies in the Netherlands.

  • What is LS&H010?

    LS&H010 is an initiative of the Municipality of Rotterdam. The municipality uses LS&H010 to unite companies, organisations and institutions in the economically strong Life Sciences & Health sector in Rotterdam. We do this by:

    • Offering an (international) platform to Rotterdam companies
    • Bringing parties together, both online and offline
    • Sharing knowledge and working together on major challenges and innovations
    • Supporting growing companies and start-ups

    In order to achieve this, we work very closely with a variety of partners in Rotterdam. Would you also like to contribute to this network? Get in touch and let us know: info@lifesciencesandhealth010.nl.


The above website of LSH010 is the main showcase for the Rotterdam LS&H sector. Which leading researches and innovations hail from Rotterdam? Which specialist fields are represented in the Rotterdam region? How do we help start-ups and scale-ups? This channel makes it even easier to find each other and do business.

And who are ‘we’? We are all the parties who feel involved in the innovative ecosystem of Rotterdam’s LS&H sector: companies, knowledge institutes, training and research institutes, medical centres or care providers, network organisations, financiers and fund managers who want to invest in LS&H innovation. And not forgetting the inhabitants of Rotterdam. Are you also going to collaborate?

Do you want to know more about the LSH community? LSH-community

Looking to organise an LSH event in 010 or perhaps you’re looking for an office in Rotterdam? Look no further than the Life Sciences & Health Hub

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For more information about Life Sciences & Health010 please contact:

Jeannette Leete, project manager Life Sciences & Health, Municipality of Rotterdam. j.leete@rotterdam.nl

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