16th European symposium on pediatric cochlear implantation

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm, that on behalf of the Cochlear Implant centers of the Radboud UMC in Nijmegen and Erasmus MC Sophia Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam to invite you to attend the 16th European Symposium on Pediatric Cochlear Implantation to Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 2023.

ESPCI 2023 will offer participants a great variety of interesting speakers and presentations! The programme focuses on 4 themes

  • Hearing and the developing Brain (topics: indications, SSD, Vestibular function, ANSD, Bimodal/Bilateral, cognition, objective measures and etiology)
  • Novel implants, therapies and fitting (topics: (robotic) surgery, image guided electrode choice, fitting, fitting EAS, imaging, vestibular implant, hearable devices, otogenetic/molecular therapies, artificial intelligence, Big data, personalized therapy)
  • Growing up with CI (topics: Rehabilitation, Psychosocial development, education/career, quality of life, speech-language development, Daily CI use, sign language development, patient participation)
  • Sustainable and green (topics: Economic issues, public health issues, global CI, sustainable care, green health care, spread and accessibility to technolog

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Datum: 8 december 2022

Bron: Espci2023

Datum: 31 mei 2023 t/m 3 juni 2023
Locatie: De Doelen, Rotterdam