6th World Congress of Cultural Psychiatry 2022

The Worldwide Universities Network Annual General Meeting is the central event in the WACP calendar, drawing together colleagues from member universities for research workshops, policy discussions and business meetings to further advance the Network.

Moving Forward to meet the needs of a globalizing society.

Evidence based medicine and evidence-based practice has brought us important advancements in medicine in general and mental health in particular. Quality of care has improved, scientific ways of evaluating mental health practices have been developed and non-effective treatments have been eliminated. Without a doubt evidence based medicine has stimulated new scientific ways of thinking and improved mental health care. 

However this came with a price we had to pay. Evidence-based practice has, unequivocally, reduced the reality of our patients, inducing a limited understanding of our patients and leading towards reductionism and decontextualization. This led towards a broadening gap between mental health care and the society in which it has to function, loss of adequate attention towards prevention and loss of attention for the social aetiologies of mental health problems. It is time to move beyond evidence based medicine and moving forward to meet the needs of a globalizing society.

The awareness of the importance of context is emerging, a notion long familiar to the tradition of cultural psychiatry. The next few decades will witness an increasing interest in identifying and focusing on this sociocultural context, and taking account of the consequences the context has on the mental health of our patients and their family and social network.

Postillion convention center WTC Rotterdam

With its tower of approximately 97 meters high, Beurs-World Trade Center is one of the most prominent buildings in Rotterdam. Next to the Postillion Convention Center WTC Rotterdam, the building houses more than 200 companies from all sectors of trade and business services.


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Source: WACP 2022

Datum: 15 september 2022 t/m 17 september 2022
Locatie: WTC Rotterdam
Tijd: 08:30 - 21:00