Medical Delta is happy to announce the Digital Society Health & Well-being conference ‘AI in Healthcare: preparing for the future’ on October 1st. Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers great opportunities to reduce the pressure on the healthcare system and to promote the health and well-being of the population. Medical Delta will highlight a number of important and practical topics related to AI in healthcare, such as ethical aspects of AI, sharing AI data, stakeholder and enduser involvement, and the dissemination of knowledge about AI. The format will include up-to-date presentations and interactive sessions.

The conference will be digital! After registration, you will receive more information on how to access the digital Health&Well-being conference.


12.45-13.00 Digital entrance to conference
13.00-13.15 Opening, Introduction Health & Well-being Roadmap
13.15-13.35 Wiro Niessen
13.35-13.55 Gabrielle Speijer
13.55-14.00 Personal behind-the-desk energizer
14.00-14.20 Michel Dumontier
14.20-14.40 Lin Lin Chen
14.40-14.45 Personal behind-the-desk energizer
14.45-15.05 Sabine Wildevuur
15.05-15.35 Keynote Pieter Jeekel
15.35-16.00 Digital networking
16.00 End of conference

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Datum: 1 oktober 2020
Locatie: Online
Tijd: 12:45 - 16:00