World of Health Care 2021 - Co-Creating the Transformation of Health Care

The Covid-19 pandemic has clearly demonstrated a need to transform both the organization and delivery of health care on a global level. Of course, it also revealed the ingenuity and resilience of health care workers and business leaders, who met 2020’s global health care challenges head-on with new, sustainable solutions.

From improving organization efficiency and fast-tracking new digital treatment avenues to increasing accessibility to care worldwide, there are countless initiatives that need to be addressed if we are to build solid foundation for the future.  Of course, to accomplish such sweeping changes on a global scale will require collaboration and the free exchange of ideas.

High-Level Delegations 

World of Health Care allows foreign decision-makers in healthcare to visit and share knowledge with Dutch health stakeholders and other countries present. WoHC Delegates participate in the Health~Holland Visitors Programme, a 3-day virtual programme for decision-makers in international, national, regional and local healthcare. This programme aims to broaden the knowledge of our worldwide renowned Dutch Health system and related smart solutions which increase quality, affordability and accessibility of healthcare.

To get a sense of last year’s high-level delegates, please visit: high-level delegates 2020

Last year, 500 high-level representatives from the private sector, NGO’s, knowledge institutes and different tiers of government from 25 countries joined the WoHC virtual sessions and networking.

3 reasons to mark this virtual event in your calendar 

  1. Learn about the latest health care trends and developments
  2. Connect with foreign decision-makers in health ánd business ecosystems abroad
  3. Pitch your solution during virtual 1-on-1 partnering talks *NEW*

Expect inspiring expert sessions, panel discussion, live round table talks and 1-on-1 matchmaking with all countries present.

Connect with foreign decision-makers in health ánd business ecosystems abroad: Next to foreign decision-makers in health, we will invite our wider foreign life sciences & health business networks, including collaboration partners for market entry and expansion;

Pitch your solution: We will facilitate one-on-one partnering talks, Dutch innovative solutions sessions, as well as virtual networking on our proven interactive platform.

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Date: 28, 29 & 30 SEPTEMBER 2021

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Source: WoHC

Datum: 28 september 2021 t/m 30 september 2021
Locatie: Virtual