Founding a Health Startup - Do's and Don'ts

Learn about best practices when founding a health startup.

About this event

Founding a startup is an exciting chapter for every entrepreneur, but the beginning excitement sooner or later faces challenging moments. How to manage finance, how to get the right people on board, is the product fit to the market, can the right investor be found, do we have the market to reach 1 million euros, 10 million euros or even 100 million euros?

From the exciting start and working on sprints and everyday tasks towards organized team focused and strategic work is a long way. Each startup comes across several issues, but only a few get over it and really succeed. In this webinar, the founder of Smart Optometry presents the traps of the startup world and tips/tricks to avoid making any major – value-destroying decisions.

Matic Vogric is a highly resourceful, innovative individual who seeks perfection in everything he does and is always keen to acquire new knowledge and grab opportunities. As a start-up founder and a manager in a corporate environment, he knows that it is essential to be agile and always moving forward! His passion is to help start-up teams achieve breakthroughs with their ideas and empower entrepreneurs to keep innovating.

Join us on the 24th of June at 16.00 and learn what are best practices when founding a health startup.

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Datum: 24 juni 2021
Locatie: Online
Tijd: 16:00 - 17:00