Kadans webinar: How to select the right digital tools to accelerate your R&D?


Date: Tuesday October 12

11.00 AM CEST : Presentation Clustermarket
11.45 AM CEST : Q & A

Where: Online

This webinar is powered by: Clustermarket and StartHub

When managing an R&D facility, you have many responsibilities in order to have your facility run as smooth as possible. Think about managing operations, people and budgets. Cloud-based tools gained traction during the pandemic, to make lab management possible while working remotely. But how do you find the right tools for your company?Join us in a conversation with Tobias Wingbermeuhle, one of the founders of Clustermarket. After working with both academic and commercial labs all around the world for more than seven years, he has more than enough knowledge of how to choose the right digital tools for your lab. He will discuss the pitfalls and digital secrets of successful lab management.This webinar includes a Q&A section at the end.


Tobias Wingbermeuhle – Founder, Clustermarket


Webinar: Tom Straeter – Senior Ecosystem Manager, Kadans Science Partner

The webinar will be in English.
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Datum: 12 oktober 2021
Locatie: Online
Tijd: 11:00 - 12:00