Are you looking to build or expand your global network of distributors? Interested in hearing how other SMEs manage theirs? And are you wondering how to successfully do this during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Join the webinar by Health~Holland & Task Force Healthcare on distributor management and gain practical insights. Participation is free.

In the current situation, it may be difficult to maintain and improve your network of international distributors. Especially with the lack of face-to-face interaction. Still, there are ways to create new opportunities in spite of the pandemic.

What to expect?

During this webinar, you will learn more about identifying, selecting and managing distributors. Benefiting from years of experience, Cees Zuiderwijk (VP of Bioness) will share his knowledge on how to maintain a healthy global distributor network, how to limit the damage done by the COVID-19 crisis, and how to improve the relationship with your distributors.

This presentation is not all: Cees Zuiderwijk is also available for a Q&A so you can ask for any additional information. Afterwards, there is time to network and share experiences with other LSH entrepreneurs and specialists.

After this webinar, you will know…

  • where to find new distributors
  • how to select the right ones for your business
  • how to develop a mutually beneficial relationship
  • what to pay attention to when evaluating your collaboration
  • how other TFHC partners manage their distributor networks

Register today

Get ready to expand and optimize your distributor network. Join this Health~Holland webinar organized by Task Force Healthcare. You can sign up here.

Source: Task Force Healthcare

Datum: 8 april 2021
Locatie: Online
Tijd: 10:00 - 11:30