TECIS23 EUROPE Secure Infrastructure | EXPO Rotterdam Ahoy

The city of Rotterdam will host The first of our three events. Thanks to our partners in the Rotterdam Ahoy and the cooperation of the city’s institutions, we will bring you a two-day conference where technology and innovation are the focus.

​The EXPO will feature different areas so that you can customize your interactions based on your needs. The Arena will host a constant stream of speakers talking about the breakthroughs in their area of expertise, the Booths will be occupied by our partner companies and sponsors, and you will have ample chance to meet their representatives or other like-minded attendees over a meal or in private meeting rooms.

We aim to capitalize on the city’s thirst for innovation and support for new technology, as well as on its location, which not only provides a gorgeous backdrop for this new adventure, but is also easily accessible by all forms of mass transit.

​With more than 7,500 professionals from all around the world at the top of the tech field, and featuring 150 exhibitors, TECIS23 is not an event you can afford to miss.

Bron: nmgimmersive

Datum: 8 mei 2023 t/m 9 mei 2023
Locatie: Rotterdam, Ahoy