Join us on September 26th 2019 in Rotterdam for the World of Health Care!
Explore worldwide healthcare developments, challenges and solutions, where you will
feel inspired through dialogue and facilitated networking activities.

You’ll have the opportunity to connect with international delegates working at the
forefront of the health sector, including decision-makers from different tiers of
government, and Dutch Life Science & Health professionals from the public sector,
NGO’s, knowledge institutes and industry.

Look forward to a day of networking, knowledge sharing
and fostering meaningful partnerships!

Theme | Healthcare in the 21st Century

  • The Ageing Society
  • Increasing Quality & Cost-Effectiveness
  • Preventing Epidemics

LSH010 Breakfast in the morning of World of Healthcare

Life Sciences & Health 010 teams up with Task Force Healthcare to organize a special breakfast in the morning of World of Healthcare.
Guests? 80 international healthcare delegates from all over the world combined with 80 start ups / scale ups from the Rotterdam region.
Would you like to attend this special breakfast? Let us know by sending us an email! Email:

Datum: 26 September 2019
Locatie: RDW Submarine Wharf

Time breakfast: 08.00am – 09.00am
Time World of Healthcare: 10.00am – 17.30pm

07:30 – 08:00 Walk in
08:00 – 09:00 Plenary session
09:00 – 09:45 Breakfast and networking

Meet the following companies from the LSH010 network:


BioCheck monitors and improves people’s capacity to recover from chronic fatigue, burnout symptoms and emotional exhaustion as well as oncological or cardiological diseases. It does this through a combination of ehealth, biofeedback and a medically validated treatment programme. The company focuses on improving the patient’s tolerance and making this measurable.

BioCheck’s service consists of measuring and improving personal physical values and combining this with mental supervision. The outcome is a fast but, in particular, sustainable recovery. One of the aspects used for this is ehealth: the BioCheck app, which is linked to an online platform, measures the ability to recover, calculates a personal exercise programme that optimises the body’s balance, and supervises the client in realising this programme. The programme is aimed at restoring the balance of the autonomous nervous system. If this system is in an active state when the patient is at rest, the body becomes exhausted. By reprogramming the system, the patient’s vitality improves and the tolerance increases. This approach has both a preventive and restorative effect.

The BioCheck ehealth method can be deployed at an international level for faster recovery from complaints that arise from burnout, diabetes type 2 and obesity, for example. Worldwide, these disorders cause prolonged work absence and are associated with high costs. The BioCheck approach is the ideal solution to reduce these figures. For example: in the Netherlands a timely BioCheck treatment can save € 30.000 in costs for continued salary payments per absent employee. Huge savings on healthcare costs can also be realised due to reduced medication use and reduced visits to healthcare providers, for example.

BioCheck is currently holding talks with a large international health insurer. The company would also like to come into contact with parties in Sweden, France, Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark, Japan and Colombia.

For more information: BioCheck

Momo Medical

Pressure sores, or decubitus, are painful for the patient, difficult to heal and increase the workload of the nursing staff too. Changing the patient’s position helps to prevent the development of pressure sores but, in practice, this method is difficult to apply. One of the reasons for this is the lack of insight into the patient’s movement. Momo Medical has designed an innovative solution for this: Momo BedSense.

The Momo BedSense, which was officially launched last month, consists of a sensor plate that is placed under the mattress. The sensor continuously registers how the patient lies and uses this data to calculate when the patient needs to adopt a different position. The device subsequently issues a notification via the nursing call-up system and this helps nursing staff to effectively apply changes in position. Furthermore, the Momo BedSense can be placed under every type of mattress and it does not disturb the patient.

One in ten bedridden patients in a healthcare institution develops pressure sores. In Europe alone that leads to about 15 billion euros in healthcare costs each year. Therefore the Momo BedSense is an interesting solution at the international level too. Momo Medical has already made contact with several interested parties outside of the Netherlands. World of Healthcare is a fantastic opportunity for the company to acquire new international contacts. Momo Medical would mainly like to work with companies in the United Kingdom, Germany, Scandinavia and Belgium.

For more information: Momo Medical


Genetic technology can play a key role in healthcare. After all, DNA largely determines how our bodies respond to nutrition, sport and medication. We can use that knowledge to our advantage. For example, by adapting our lifestyle to our genetic makeup, which will improve the prevention of some disorders. It can also help by specifically choosing a certain treatment or medicine in the event of illness. That will enable us to grow older more healthily.

Omnigen makes this aspect of genetic technology available for companies and consumers. It does that in the form of DNA testing. The test works on the basis of a saliva sample that can be taken at home and sent to us. The outcome of the DNA test can be viewed online. Amongst other things, it provides insight into the nutrition and sport profile. How sensitive is a person for injuries, stress or a lack of certain nutrients? Which nutrients can the body digest less well? Based on these data, a personal nutrition and/or sports advice can subsequently be given.

DNA testing can be deployed worldwide to support health. By providing consumers with insights into their DNA profiles people can change their lifestyle far more specifically. That helps to prevent illnesses and injuries as a result of which healthcare costs decrease.

Omnigen is an official partner of Google. Furthermore, it is an expert in processing and analysing big data in the area of bioinformatics and genomics. The company also deploys this expertise as a business service. It advises life sciences and medical technology companies about working with Google Cloud computing and storage.

Omnigen would like to come into contact with foreign companies who are interested in collaboration. World of Healthcare is the ideal place to do that.

For more information: Omnigen

Rotterdam eHealth Agenda with / Logoclicks

The Rotterdam eHealth Agenda is an initiative from the City of Rotterdam. Its aim is to encourage the application and scaling up of eHealth and to bring together innovative care providers and care recipients. About 250 companies (“pioneers”) have now joined the Rotterdam eHealth Agenda. One of these is Logoclicks, a company that has developed a system for online aphasia treatment.

Aphasia is a language disorder caused by non-congenital brain damage. The patient experiences considerable difficulty with speaking, writing, reading and/or understanding language. That hinders good communication. The scientific guideline for aphasia advises at least two hours per week of intensive therapy to improve the patient’s communication skills. In practice, however, this is not achieved due to the treating speech therapist’s time constraints, limited funding from health insurers and limitations on the side of the patient.

To satisfy the guideline, has been developed. This is an online speech therapy eHealth application that enables the patient to follow therapy remotely. Thanks to the platform, the treating speech therapist gains direct access to a database with current information and exercises. The speech therapist personalises the online exercises for the patient so that these can immediately be done at a time convenient to the patient. Travel time to the speech therapy practice is therefore eliminated. The system also registers the patient’s progress, which allows seamless adjustment of the therapy.

Aphasia is a global problem and Logoclick’s online speech therapy method can be used throughout the world. During the platform’s development, the translation to other countries was allowed for. Market surveys are currently being performed in German- and French-speaking countries. Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and the United Kingdom would also form a good area for initial expansion.

For more information: Rotterdam eHealth Agenda


Sensara makes products for the care market: innovative solutions based on scientific research with the aim of helping care institutions and home care organisations to provide elderly people who need care with the best personal care possible.

SensaraCare provides medical aids in the form of smart sensors and self-learning software that enable user-friendly apps to provide the correct estimation of the care need at any given moment.

An average of five sensors are placed in each room. The sensors register things like when a resident comes out of bed, leaves the room or has fallen and needs help. SensaraCare therefore provides professional carers with insight into the resident’s well-being so that the resident does not need to be checked unnecessarily often. That gives the resident more peace and quiet and an increased feeling of independence.

SensaraCare therefore enables the optimum provision of personal care at precisely those moments when it is needed or desirable. By using SensaraCare, elderly people with a care need can sleep for longer, fall and get lost less often and experience less unnecessary disruption.

SensaraCare is widely used in the Netherlands and it can make a big difference for elderly people and their care providers in other countries too. During the World of Healthcare event, SensaraCare would like to talk about this concept with parties from America and Northern Europe (especially Scandinavia, Germany and the United Kingdom).

For more information: Sensara

Sense Health with NiceDay

Sense Health developed NiceDay: the service that allows the effective provision of online coaching and therapy to people with mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety and stress. NiceDay provides evidence-based interventions completely online and the environment was developed by mental health experts. That has many advantages for both the therapist and the client. 

Thanks to NiceDay, the client is no longer tied to the standard consultation hours of the practice. Instead, contact with the therapist can be sought at any desired moment, for example, personal coaching (such as video calls) just before or during a difficult moment or briefly apping for advice in between. Many clients highly value this low threshold character of the system.

 Sense Health provides a therapist with valuable additional data thanks to the NiceDay app for the client, which includes a steps counter, mood registration tool and a diary. The therapist can view the data in the NiceDay portal. This increases insights into the therapy progress and therefore the therapy can be  continually adjusted to the client’s current needs. 

Sense Health believes knowledge sharing is important since this is an important means of consolidating strengths. World of Healthcare is therefore the ideal place to meet international companies that work to improve the mental health of their clients. Sense Health mainly focuses on Western European countries. However, regions like the Middle East, Singapore or Brazil could be of interest too.

Our ideal market already has outpatient treatments for mental health that are part of the health insurance package. We prefer to collaborate with local partners who can implement the Sense Health concept in their region.

For more information: Sense Health


YipYip develops apps, serious games and websites for care-related purposes. These products are used within and outside of education and focus on mental or physical health aspects. For example, the company has developed a game that helps children with an autism spectrum disorder to make the switch from primary to secondary school (ALIBI). Another project is the Vil Du, a serious game to support the treatment of sexually traumatised children.

For YipYip the time has come to scale up. And in this regard the company also looks beyond the Dutch borders. Contacts have already been made for the earlier mentioned games ALIBI and Vil Du, with the United Kingdom and Brazil, for example. This revealed that other countries were also interested in our innovative approach to tackling the problem by using an attractive and user-friendly, interactive game.

For serious games and care applications –which often have a longer development time and require scientific research– the language difference is not an issue. With the help of translators and native speakers, the games can be converted to suit a broad international public.

The WoHC event is a superb opportunity to meet foreign parties. Our preference is for companies in countries where English is the working or business language. YipYip looks forward to working with international partners on devising new solutions for the challenges in the modern care sector. The knowledge and experience that we have acquired in previous projects will facilitate this.

For more information: YipYip

Datum: 26 september 2019
Locatie: RDW Submarine Wharf