The project team has decided to move the D-Think health course 2021 to another time in the spring (March/ April). Due to COVID-19 and the lockdown, it seems unwise to continue the online course.

They would like to plan a new date and will come back to this in January!

D-THINK HEALTH merges the most effective Design Thinking Tools into an online learning course for professionals by professionals in the healthcare domain. Participants will be trained to use design thinking tools to discover, define, develop and deliver innovations in their own professional field.

Applicants will learn how to structurally manage innovation processes in healthcare environments using patient journey mapping method and design thinking tools. This will include knowledge and know-how about tools for all stage stages of innovations: ‘Discover’ opportunities for innovation, ‘Define’ Innovation need, ‘Develop’ solutions and ‘Deliver’ the product/service to the market. The online learning consists of: theory, assignments and indepth talks. Including expert talks; of Prof. R. Goossens (TU Delft) on Co-creation and Designer for healthcare ir. M. de Zeeuw (Panton) on CE.


The D-THINK HEALTH course will teach you in 4 workshops and 2 weeks of online learning the Design Thinking tools that have shown to be useful in creating solutions to the complex challenges of healthcare.

Time investment: 4 workshop days (10.00h – 16.30h) and 3 hours online learning.


The course fee is 200 EUR. More information: and

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The D-THINK HEALTH course proces