Apply now! EIT Health Bootcamp Validation Lab

EIT Health Bootcamp Validation Lab is a unique two-month pressure cooker, created by YES!Delft and EIT Health partners, who bring extensive knowledge to the project. The program has strong partnerships with leading healthcare institutes, such as UMCG, Medical Valley, City of Rotterdam, University of Copenhagen and more. The EIT Health Bootcamp Validation Lab is powered by Life Sciences & Health 010 and the municipality of Rotterdam.

The program allows aspiring entrepreneurs from all over Europe to discover the business potential of their MedTech ideas. Participants explore and validate their ideas, market potential and business model – to launch in markets all over Europe. The program will introduce them to the European innovation ecosystem, and help them develop a network of peers, experts, and mentors. 

Meet one of the Lab mentors

Meet Rens Schoenmakers, EIT HealthValidation Lab mentor. During EIT Health Bootcamp Validation Lab he helps startups through the process of validation, connecting to other professionals in the industry and challenging their business plans.

Program guide

If you want to learn more about what the EIT Health Validation Lab has to offer and whether it’s the right fit for you, make sure to leave your name and email so we can send you the program guide. This way you can be up to date when the next round of applications starts!

Bron: EIT Health, YES!Delft
Datum: 27 mei 2020