Health~Holland magazine: Year in preview - 2022


Since the establishment of the Top Sector policy around ten years ago, there has been a steady growth in the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector. Our budget has grown from €4 million PPP Allowance in 2014 to almost €70 million in 2021. With these funds from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, we have so far been able to support more than 600 public-private projects with a focus on innovation. In the last two years, there has been a shift in policy towards “mission-driven” innovation. This means that our policy is increasingly directed towards societal challenges and the economic changes associated with these.

In this Year in Preview you can read the success stories of last year and we are giving you a preview of what is about to happen in 2022. Dive into the opportunities of business support and public-private partnerships, get a sneak-peek into the future in the chapter ‘The big challenge‘ and learn about the latest funding opportunities and what is going on in the international field. Moreover, read about the latest developments in human capital and GROZ. All activities on these subjects are executed together with a huge coalition of partners and coordinated by the executive office of Health~Holland.

The coalition works strongly together to implement the missions that the Dutch government has formulated for the societal challenge Health & Care, with the overall goal that by 2040, everyone in the Netherlands will live at least five years longer in good health, while the health inequalities between the lowest and highest socioeconomic groups will have decreased by 30%. Are you helping to realise this future?

– Ernst Nagel, Operations Director Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (Health~Holland)

Future-savvy and mission-oriented images

Fuelling collective actions for desired societal and economic impact

What will health and care (H&C) in the Netherlands look like in 2030, based on the five missions drawn up by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sport and published in the H&C-coalition’s Knowledge and Innovation Agenda 2020-2023 (KIA)? This question is answered via inspiring and informative future images developed by experts representing the national H&C-coalition, that has its collective activities coordinated by Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (Health~Holland).

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Source: Health~Holland
Date: 10 March 2022