Healthy Funding VI 19 May

On May 19th, LSH010, Healthy.Capital and Smart Health Amsterdam hosted the sixth version of Healthy Funding with participants from all over the world. The keynote speakers gave interesting pitches about their organization and visions for Health & Innovation, which generated a lot of interest and questions from the participants. Interesting conversations took place with Life Sciences & Health start-ups and scale ups. Below are the lessons learned!

Stefan van Duin – VC Investor in tech & Diversity, Borski Fund

“We believe that improving access to finances for female entrepreneurs that are looking to contribute to a better world is one of the key ways of addressing the investment diversity gap. 

The Borski fund remains actively involved with its portfolio companies by supporting in areas such as financing, business strategy, network linkage and internationalization.” 

Annemarie Willems – Founder and Chief Business Development, Prolira

“I think one of the things that triggered me was a report that showed that only 7 percent of startups have a mixed founders team, male-female. Borski profiled its fund very well. So I thought: well let’s give them a call and start an introduction. And with success: they have now invested in Prolira!’”

Jorinde Hoek –  Associate & Diversity officer, Arches Capital

​​”Arches Capital is a fast-growing group of business angels that is bridging the gap between Venture Capitalist and how angels operate today, by joining the best of both worlds for our members. We are interested in startups with a balanced team, a certain uniqueness and a big potential market size”

Judith Smit – Manager Partner, FFUND

“We see that the most successful companies in our sector, don’t only lean on aggregate financing, but they make use of a very complex mix of financing and funding instruments. And it turns out that this is the factor for success.”

Lorina Gjonaj – Senior Consultant, FFUND 

“There are four different funding elements that you have to balance and use in their appropriate time. These are: aggregate financing, grants, loans and the tax credits. Also the type of funding that you are using is important. These aspects will change as your company and your technology is maturing.”

Willem Mees van der Bijl – Director, Spatium Medical

“We are developing and manufacturing medical devices. We have quite a multidisciplinary team and we thought it would be a shame to have our team just focus on one product. So we have built multidisciplinary teams around medical innovations and now we develop products together with multinationals or with startups. But we also start our own companies, like Spatium Medical.”

Healthy Funding

Healthy Funding is all about matchmaking and the focus is on making beautiful, substantive and high quality matches. With Healthy Funding, the Municipality of Rotterdam – Life Sciences & Health 010 –  wants to stimulate and further develop good entrepreneurship in the Rotterdam region and beyond.

Of course, LSH010 didn’t do this alone! This 6th edition Healthy.Capital and Smart Health Amsterdam were co-hosting Healthy Funding!


This time LSH010, Healthy.Capital and Smart Health Amsterdam have also organized two masterclasses to help startups to prepare better.

Many thanks to René Reijtenbagh, CEO – Business Angels Connect, Bernd Mintjes, Investor and Vincent van den Bosch, Grants specialist – Business Angels Connect for organizing Masterclass Early Stage Funding.

And to Nino Bellengé, Managing Director – Medscaler, Robin Toornema, Operations Director & Health Innovator – Medscaler, Gijs Langkamp, Health Innovator – Medscaler for organizing the Masterclass International Funding.

Date: 29 June 2022