Indian Apex Laboratories expands to The Hague and brings natural health supplements to the EU market

Vanan BV, a newly established European subsidiary of Indian natural health company Apex Laboratories, is expanding its business to the European market and has opened its office in The Hague. The company provides clinically verified herbal solutions based on traditional Indian medicine.

“In India we believe that food itself is the best medicine. Spices like ginger, garlic and turmeric are found in most Indian dishes and are scientifically proven to benefit the digestive system. There is a lot of science going into every meal we eat,” says Ms. Subashini Vanangamudi, Managing Director of Vanan BV. This perspective aligns well with local efforts to shift towards lifestyle medicine, which emphasizes prevention over cure.

Apex is listed among the 50 fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in India and employs 2500 people at various locations. Its strong focus on R&D, providing scientific proof for its herbal formulas has made Apex a market leader for herbal medicine in India.

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Source: InnovationQuarter
Date: 15 October 2021