KVK Business Health Challenges

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Medisch Spectrum Twente: Expert care center for Telehealth

How can Medisch Spectrum Twente organize a regional service center for telemedicine and e-health?

Why is this a challenge?
  • The current health care system is not future-proof to cope with the growing number of chronically ill people due to an aging population.
  • Current care system is not flexible and effective, and rapidly pressurized, as has been demonstrated during the Covid pandemic.
  • Modern technology enables remote care, but it is hardly scaled up, partly because of the rigid and outdated structure and organisation of our care system in first, second and third line care.

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Bravis Hospital: Sustainable processing of laboratory liquids

How can Bravis Hospital use chemical liquids in their pathology and clinical chemical laboratories more sustainable?

Why is the challenge?

Polluted liquids from the laboratories are removed now as expensive chemical waste streams.

  • At Pathos pathology laboratory the polluted liquids contain formaline , alcohol and/or xylene; the amount is approximately 70-80 liter per week.
  • At the Accureon (clinical chemical laboratory) approximately 35 liters of liquid per week is disposed containing dyes and liquid chromatography residues.

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Source: KVK
Date: 4 november 2021