SurGuide, a Rotterdam based start up, is competing in the Catapult MedTech Semi-final of EIT Health. EIT Health’s premiere pitch competition will hold its semi-finals in the MedTech category, allowing 14 start-ups to pitch before potential investors. After two days of preparation in San Sebastian (Spain, 30 Sep 2019 – 02 Oct 2019), the start-ups will make their public pitches. A jury will judge their presentations, their market readiness and the anticipated impact of their healthcare innovations, and half of them will be chosen to carry on in the competition. The 21 finalists will compete in the European Health Catapult Final in Paris, during the 2-3 December 2019 EIT Health Summit. They will be joined by finalists in the BioTech and Digital Health categories, and pitch their innovations to compete for recognition, the attention of investors and prizes worth a total of €210 000.

Along with being a widely recognised as one of the top competitions for biotech start-ups in Europe, the European Health Catapult is also a training programme that boosts the development of top-notch European health start-ups. The programme exposes Biotech, MedTech and Digital Health start-ups to leading experts and international investors through intensive, multi-channel involvement of the whole EIT Health community.

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About Surguide

SurGuide is developing a device that will support surgeons in removing tumours by inspecting resected tissue to determine whether the tumour has been completely removed – while the patient is still in the operating room. Incomplete tumor removal negatively affects patient outcome and necessitates additional treatment, but current techniques only give results of the operation after a few days. By providing feedback in real time, SurGuide lets the surgeon decide whether they need to perform additional resection, at the indicated locations, while the initial tumour removal procedure is still underway. Visit the website of SurGuide.

The municipality of Rotterdam is one of the members of EIT Health Belgium – Netherlands, one of the co-locations of EIT Health.
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