The World of Health Care in one place: WoHC in Rotterdam

Want to do business on a global scale? Attend the World of Health Care event on Wednesday, September 28, 2022!

Learn about current and future trends and healthcare solutions in worldwide healthcare. And connect with healthcare professionals around the world! If you’re looking for an opportunity to make connections from home and abroad, then sign up now! Besides the in person meeting, you can also connect with other participants through the virtual platform. Share knowledge and gain inspiration in the field of life sciences & health!

What to expect? 

The afternoon starts with a plenary kick-off with a look into the future. Take part in interesting breakout sessions and share ideas about how digital transformation can be achieved, vitality and accessibility of care can be obtained, how to promote vitality, prevention and healthy aging and how care can be tailor-made.

Meet international stakeholders 

Thinking together about better care, worldwide. In the various sessions, top-level healthcare decision makers from 30+ countries like Brazil, China, Germany, Indonesia, and the United States, share their experiences. More than 100 high-level delegates have already registered!

More information & registration can be found here.

Expand your international network today

Furthermore, you can already start making connections with healthcare professionals from home and abroad. You can look up these life sciences & health stakeholders from the private sector, NGOs, knowledge institutions, and implementation on the virtual platform.

3 reasons to attend

  1. Learn about the latest health care trends and developments.
  2. Connect with foreign decision-makers in health & business ecosystems abroad.
  3. Be part of building resilient future-proof healthcare systems​

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Bron: WOHC

Datum: 11 augustus 2022