Win an Omniyou/LSH010 DNA-Check! - Prize contest Innovation for Health 2021

On 15-16 April 2021 – the 8th edition of Innovation for Health will take place virtually. Expand your network and connect with over 900 key players in Health & Life Sciences. This year again with the famous LSH010 street with startups and scaleups from Rotterdam! As in previous years: the LSH010 street is a cooperation between the Erasmus MC and the Life Sciences & Health 010 cluster of the Municipality of Rotterdam. Meet several Life Sciences & Health companies and healthcare organizations from Rotterdam:

During innovation for Health on 15-16 April 2021 you can win a special prize – the Omniyou / LSH010 DNA-check!

Omniyou is part of Omnigen, one of the companies participating in the Life Sciences & Health 010 street during Innovation for Health 2021. Omniyou aims to use scientific knowledge and research results from genetics in a positive and meaningful way for society. With their DNA-test, they can determine – based on your DNA – what you are predisposed to, what the best nutrition is for you and what it is that you can better avoid. By examining your DNA, you can get to know everything about your body and become the best version of yourself. The DNA research focuses on sports, nutrition and beauty. Omniyou and Life Sciences & Health 010 are giving away the DNA-check prize to one of the participants. Get to know yourself for real with this DNA-check!

DNA-check afbeelding Omnigen

How can I win the DNA-Check?

By actively participating in the Virtual Event Platform. You can get points in various areas, including the online exhibition, the program, the meeting hub and the I4H app. You will receive points by:

– visiting a booth
– having a conversation with an exhibitor
– making a connection in the meeting hub
– asking a question in the live Q&A during a session
– answering a poll question in a session
– follow the session from start to finish
– download the I4H app

With every visit to a booth, a conversation and connection you will receive points again.

In every section you will see a cup with the amount of points you can gather. At the end of Innovation for Health on 16 April there will be a raffle between all attendees. For every 5000 points you have collected, you get 1 raffle ticket. The more points you gather, the more raffle tickets you get and the higher chance you have to win one of the prices.

In the top right corner of the Virtual Event Platform you can see the amount of points you have already gathered. Click on the cup and you will get an overview of the number of points you have achieved.

In the different sections you will also see how many points you can get. If you click on the cup at the top, you will get an overview of the number of points you have achieved, how many goals you have achieved, what your position is and which goals there are.

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Source: Innovation for Health 2021

Date: 12 April 2021